Search Tips

To search handguns there are two type of search is available. "Basic" and "Advanced"

Basic Search is pretty much shortened version of Advanced Search enabling you to make quick searches. For both Search type all search parameters are set to "ALL" meaning if you tab the search button at the bottom without giving any parameter it will list whole Database.

  • If your search is returning too many results you can narrow your search by filling as many search fields as you can. This will give you more precise search results.
  • If your search results are empty or with few results. For more expanded search you can set the least important search fields for you to its default which is "ALL" for a more populated search result.
  • If you still cannot find what you are looking for.
    1. Check if the gun info you are searching is a modern gun, if it is in production somewhere over the earth. Because this database does not include old guns.
    2. Check if the gun manufacturer has a website. If yes it is our Bad. If you like you can e mail us and we include that entry for you even with mentioning your name
    3. Well if all of the above doesn't work we are sorry the gun you search does not exist. At least not any more.


Measurement Systems

This application works either with Imperial system (Inch, Lbs, Oz…) or Metric system (mm, kg, gr.)

To change the measurement system go to settings tab and select your system and all your input and view changes accordingly. If you want to change the system for an instance you can do so from the settings.

Get to know fields and sections

Manufacturer / Product Section

Country / Manufacturer: Here you can select either or both Country and Manufacturer. "Country" means the country that the weapon manufacturer is originated. Some manufacturers may be active at more than one country but here it is based on their origin.

MSRP: This the approximate value of the gun in USD currency. But be warned this is really an approximate value mostly based on USA. The weapon may not even be on sale at your region. So this is only for understanding the price value level of the gun. Whether if you are looking at a 300 $ gun or a 15 000$ gun.

Series: Here you can search the model series. For example: To see other models within the series. (That is if the manufacturer has a series for your base gun. If not the model name is the series name. But this is of course not official)

Model Name: Here you can input the name of the gun that you wish to search.

Weapon Class: Here you can choose the type of the weapon for search. Classes are: Derringer, Pistol, Revolver and submarine pistol.

Form Factor: This is the size of the frame that you want to search.

Sizes are:

-Very Small : Sometimes it can be called as Subcompact, Pocket Gun, Conceal Carry, Ankle gun or a backup gun. Everybody calls it differently; we guess it is all true. What you should consider here is this is a very small gun.

-Small : This size means that the gun is larger than Subcompact and smaller than the medium size. Sometimes it can be called as compact gun, Carry gun, Everyday gun and backup gun.

-Medium : This size is larger than small gun often called as standard size or large size or full size.

-Large : This is the size for larger than medium sized guns. Some times may be called as commpetition guns or sport guns or even for hunting hand gun.

-Very Large : This size is the largest size we are not sure what they are used for :P well the only purpose could be big game hunting.

Caliber: In this search field you will be asked to choose a caliber by a picker. At the bottom of the picker other names of the caliber you choose will be displayed for your information to make sure you choose the right caliber you want. For example you want to search 9 mm handguns. There are many 9 mm variants the most common used is 9mm Parabellum but not everyone knows it like that. Some may know it by the founder's surname which is Luger, 9mm Luger. Others may know it as 9mm NATO and so on and so forth. You will see all the names of the caliber you choice.

Bullet Dimension: If searching for caliber is not enough for you. You here you can even search with bullet diameter or/with case length. For example you can make a search like this 9x21 or 12x35

Features Section

Action: Here you can search by the guns trigger mechanism whether it is SA (Single Action) or DA (double action) or SA/DA or some other mechanism
Magazine Capacity: How much ammo does it hold in? +1 in the chamber doesn't count.
Loaded Chamber Indicator: Whether the gun has a Loaded Chamber indicator or not?
Rail / Mount: Is there a Rail or a mount position on the gun to use accessories?
Ported / Compensator: Whether the gun has a ported or a compensated barrel?
Number of Safety Features: How many safety features does the gun have? (In Numbers)
Controls: Does the gun have an Ambidextrous controls?
Rear Sight: Does the gun have a fix or an adjustable sight?
Front Sight: Does the gun have a fix or an adjustable sight?
Dual Color: Does the gun have a Dual color option?
Feed System: What kind of feeding system dos the gun has?

Dimensions Section

Total Length:Total length of the gun.
Width:Total width of the gun.
Height:Total height of the gun.
Weight:Weight of the gun.
Barrel Length:Barrel Length of the gun.
Line Of Sight:The distance between the rear sight and the front sight.

Construction Section

• Grip Material:

• Frame Material:

• Slide Material:

• Barrel Material:

Trigger Section

Trigger Pull SA:
In single action mode. The amount of force needed to pull the trigger until it releases and starts the ignition (fire). (In Kilo Grams KG or LBS)

Trigger Pull DA:
In Double action mode. The amount of force needed to pull the trigger until it releases and starts the ignition (fire). (In Kilo Grams KG or LBS)

Trigger Travel SA:
In single action mode. The amount of distance that the trigger must travel until it releases and starts the ignition (fire). In MM or Inch

Trigger Travel DA:
In double action mode. The amount of distance that the trigger must travel until it releases and starts the ignition (fire). In MM or Inch

Rifling Section

Rifling Type: Rifling type of the barrel. Whether if it is a Conventional Land and Grooves (L/G) or polygonal rifling.

Rifling: This is the number of L/G used at the rifling Or Polygonal barrel. For instance L/G: 6 or Hexagonal rifling.

Rate of Twist: This is the twist rate of the rifling. This is measured by the distance which the bullet requires to complete one full rotation.

Rifling Direction: In which direction does the rifling turns? Left or Right?

Saving Options

• Save This Search: If you make this "On" your search parameters will be saved so you won't have to input them later on. You can start the same search with the same parameters from the saved search menu and continue examining your results.

• Search name for saving: If you decided to save this search and make the button 'ON" you will be asked to give a name for the search.

• Reset Button: Reset button reset all the search parameters to its default. To prevent accidental tab on this button you will be asked for a confirmation.

• Search Button: Well all of the above is done, tab the search button then see the result. If save search selected and given a proper name this button also saves the search.

Using the "All" Button

When you tab "ALL" button a picker will load and after you make your selection one or more text filed will be available to you to make your input.

How to do it? When you tab the "ALL" button a picker will load and you will choose either
1. Equal: Searches the equal values to the value that you will input.
2. Greater than: Search the greater values that you will input.
3. Less than: Searches the values less than you will input.
4. Between: Searches between the values that you will input.

How to Add/Remove To/From Favorites

While you are viewing the weapons specs there is a button at the bottom of the weapon image called add to favorites. Tab on that and the gun which you were viewing will be added to the favorites tab.
To remove the gun either tab the remove from favorites button at the bottom of the weapon image or go to favorites tab click edit from the upper right corner of your screen then select the record that you want to remove then click delete.

Browsing Gun Images

While you are viewing the gun specs at the weapon specs view.
If the gun has more than one picture it will be indicated with white dots under the photo frame. There you can swipe the photo to right and left to see the other photos of the gun.
If you want to view the gun full screen tab one time on any photo and it will become full screen there you can zoom in and out and swipe to next photo so on and so forth.
To return to the previous screen tab the photo one time and a bar will appear with the name on the gun on it tab the button and you will be back at weapon specs menu.