Roll Over this image to see the options
  • Splash Screen
    Here You can start searching/browsing guns by tapping "Browse Guns" button or visit our website by tapping "Visit Website"
  • Search Screen
    This is our landing screen. Here you can either directly hit the search button to browse all available guns or narrow down the results by entering/modifying search parameters. There is also "Basic", "Advanced" and "Saved" search options on this screen.
  • Sample Search Option
    This is how most of our search options selected.
  • Sample Search Results
    After you hit the "Search" button on the search screen comes this screen where you can see and scroll the results.
  • Sample Weapon Specs
    This is the the screen where you see the detailed weapon specs after you hit one of the search results or one of your favorites. In this screen you can swipe on image to see other images (if weapon has more than one image) or tap on the image to see image in full screen, scroll down to see detailed specs, add this weapon to your favorites by hitting the button "ADD TO FAVORITES" under the weapon image or go to next or previous weapons by simply hitting the buttons with arrows on it.
  • About/Tutorial Section
    Here you can find information about us and this application and very detailed tutorials about how to use this application effectively.
  • Settings Screen
    This is our Humble settings screen where you can only set your preffered units system for now.
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Now you can find 47 fields of information and search TheWOPE database by 37 different criteria, using The Weapons of Planet Earth Handguns Edition. This is a modern handgun encyclopedia application, offering 1,866 records from 21 countries and 79 manufacturers. Everything you ever wanted to know about most makes of handguns is in this comprehensive app. Scroll down to learn why you should download this App today!

Obviously it was a great deal of work and definitely worth every penny... Amount of details are simply amazing, must buy for every gun enthusiasts, huge gun database (Actually biggest and most detailed I've ever seen)

You have an interest in handguns, you like to know all the details of a gun, including specifications, manufacturer information, suggested retail price, bullet dimensions…you know, everything. That's why you have TheWOPE The Weapons of Planet Earth Handguns Edition on your iPhone or iPod touch.

This application is the first of its kind anywhere; you won't find anything else like it on any platform.

TheWOPE database offers an unprecedented 1,866 records with 47 fields of information, from 21 countries and 79 manufacturers. All information is packed with amazing details that would take you a long time to find elsewhere. Here, in this app, you can access the data within a second or two.

Don't worry about how to locate exactly the handgun you want to know about. The app's extreme filter and search capabilities make it so easy for you to locate precise makes and models, or modern handguns that meet any of 37 specific criteria. TheWOPE database even allows for metric or imperial measurement searches. Once you've found the guns you want to read about, go ahead and save your search or add them to your favorites for easy retrieval later.

In addition to all of the incredible facts and data, most handgun records have one or more images than you can view in full screen, letting you have a really good look at the gun's detailing, without having to squint. If you'd like an even closer look, just zoom in to really admire or inspect the weapon's features.

TheWOPE application is totally portable, too. Once you've downloaded the app, you don't need an internet connection to fully use and appreciate everything this program has to offer.

Have a look at just some of the features you get in TheWOPE The Weapons of Planet Earth Handguns Edition:

  • Easy-to-use, attractive interface.
  • Requires no internet connection after app download
  • The only database of its kind on any platform
  • Unprecedented 1,866 modern handgun records
  • Includes up to 47 fields of information for each gun *
  • Includes one or more images for most guns, viewed in full screen
  • Images have zooming for close inspection
  • Easy filtering and search engine, select from 37 different criteria
  • Search by metric or imperial measurement
  • Includes 79 manufacturers from 21 countries *
  • Save searches
  • Save finds to your Favorites for easy retrieval later
  • Detailed tutorial included with tips on how best to use the app

*(Rool over with your mouse to see the tooltip)

If you're a modern handgun enthusiast, you're going to appreciate the enormous undertaking represented in this extensive, handmade database.

Download TheWOPE The Weapons of Planet Earth Handguns Edition now and prepare to be amazed.

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Legal Stuff

The Information and weapon description, shortly this application and everything in it cannot be used for professional use (whatever that may be) and does not come with any guarantee. The Owners of the this application cannot be hold responsible for any kind of use and we disclaim any liability that may occur. The Weapon images, logos, names and product names used in this application are or may be the registered marks or trademarks of their manufacturer. TheWope does not claim any rights on them. They are used here for identification purposes only. TheWope is a registered mark. This software is copyrighted. and can not be copied, sold or used in anyway without a valid permission. 2010 TheWope, All rights Reseved. (except the disclaimed parts)